Make it organized.

Organized excursions

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Organized excursions

We offer you the opportunity to make fully arranged excursions.

Of course we have a number of beautiful tours from which you can make a choice.

Of course we can make a number of proposals, but it is also possible that you come up with your own proposals.
We will then try to meet your wishes as much as possible.
You can make excursions by bike, by car, by public transport or on foot.

It is also possible that we drop you off at an agreed place and agree with you where and at what time we can pick you up again at a certain place.
It is also possible to explore Luxembourg on foot or by bicycle. You can then stay in our guest house every day and night in your own room and be dropped off at a location of your choice every day and picked up again at a location to be determined by you.

If you have any questions and/or wishes that have not been answered on this website, please contact us.
We are very flexible and so a lot is possible with us.