To avoid misunderstandings…

The house rules

L – 6550 Berdorf
2 rooms
Bed and breakfast

To avoid misunderstandings…

We are very happy that you are staying here and we hope you are too.
We would like to keep it that way, so a few wishes from us to you.

Smoking is not allowed in the rooms and in the house.
You can do this to the full outside if you put your cigarette butt in the waste bin.

You have received two keys from us, one for the front door and one for your room. We request that you handle this carefully, do not lose it and return it upon departure.
It is not possible to make an additional one as you do not have the appropriate card. In the unlikely event that you lose the key to the front door or otherwise lose your possession, we are forced to calculate the price of a completely new lock.
The price for this is currently €195.00. You can go in and out of the house as you please during your stay. We ask you to be so kind as to close the windows and doors or put them on the tilt position, and do not forget to turn off the light! If for one reason or another we are not present, we trust that you will only use your own room, the conservatory or the terrace.

If you have taken a beautiful walk and the roads were very swampy and wet this time, we ask you to leave your dirty shoes downstairs in the entrance or on the shoe tray near your room.

If you have very wet clothes/raincoats, etc., please let us know so that they can dry in the garage.

If you have any other questions or if you want to use something, we are happy to assist you.

Many thanks in advance! !!